Funeral plan FAQs

Your local Southern Co-op Funeral Director will be able to answer any questions you may have about pre-paid funeral plans. We have also put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions below to help you.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance of need, providing emotional and financial peace of mind for you and your family.

Where do I have to go to arrange a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan?

The Southern Co-op Classic, Prestige and Premium Funeral Plans are only available to purchase online. A Southern Co-op bespoke Funeral Plan can be arranged at your local Funeral Directors or in the comfort of your own home by prior appointment.

Who can arrange a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan?

The Southern Co-op Funeral Plan is available to anyone aged 18 and over. You can arrange a funeral plan for yourself or on behalf of a partner, relative or friend.

Do I need a medical to purchase a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan?

No, there are no medical questions and there is no medical required when applying for a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan, whether or not you have any existing medical conditions.

Can more than one person be named on a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan?

Two people can be named on a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan, with the option to use it for either the first or the second person that passes away.

How much does a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan cost?

The cost of a funeral plan will depend on the options you choose, for example, the type of coffin and funeral vehicles, or if you require flowers, stationery or memorials. We can supply you with a free no obligation quotation detailing all of these costs. Please note, an additional administration charge of £250 applies to all our funeral plans.

Will there be anything else to pay for at the time of the funeral?

A Southern Co-op Funeral Plan guarantees to provide the exact funeral services paid for with no hidden charges or conditions. Whether the funeral takes place in 5 or 50 years time, there will be nothing left to pay, covering all costs including any disbursements.

Will a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan cover costs if I die abroad?

The Southern Co-op Funeral Plan does not cover funerals that take place aboard. If you plan to go abroad, you should ensure that your travel or medical insurance policy includes full cover for repatriation costs. Once repatriated to the UK, the funeral plan can then be used to arrange the funeral as normal.

How do I pay for a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan?

Southern Co-op offer an easy payment scheme to spread the cost over 24 months, securing the cost for a fixed monthly payment.

If I die prior to completing the instalment plan, is the fixed price still guaranteed?

In the event of payments lapsing through death, the guaranteed price for the service remains but the outstanding balance must be paid before the funeral can take place.

How will the person arranging my funeral know what to do when the time comes?

It is important to let the next of kin or executor know that you have arranged a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan and where the funeral plan certificate can be found. At the time of need, they must contact your local Funeral Director who will organise the funeral arrangements specified in the funeral plan.

Can I cancel a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan?

If you change your mind and want to cancel a funeral plan outside our 30 day cooling-off period, the amount returned will be the monies paid into the funeral plan, minus an administration charge.

Can I change a Southern Co-op Funeral Plan if my wishes change?

Yes, you can alter your funeral plan arrangements at a later date, although we would charge for additional expense at the price prevailing at the time of change.

Will my money be safe?

All Southern Co-op Funeral Plan monies are invested in a regulated whole of life insurance policy or trust fund in accordance with the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001.