Environmental considerations

Protecting our environment

Funerals remind us all of what we owe to previous generations and what we owe to the next. Southern Co-op are proud to be pioneering initiatives to make our funerals and our business more environmentally sustainable.

Coffins and caskets

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) (opens in new window) certified wood is used in many of our coffins and caskets.
We also offer a range of eco coffins and caskets made from sustainable sources of bamboo, willow pandanus and wool.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Protecting the environment remains a priority for Southern Co-op (opens in new window). We have rolled out smart meters to all of our funeral homes to help improve energy efficiency, and the regular reporting on energy consumption helps us to identify energy-saving opportunities, which will drive down energy usage.

Virtually all the electricity we use comes from renewable energy sources through a green energy contract.